LAN CIRCUIT TECH CO., LTD. was established in 1992, with manufacturing plants located in Ba-De, Taiwan and Hue-Chou, China. Specializing in manufacturing of double-layered and up to 12-layered PCB, with total monthly production capability of 600,000 square feet and employee count of around 600, we continue to expand production to satisfy client demands.

We have served our clients with honest and firm practices, gaining acclaim and support from clients throughout the years. We require each individual to adhere to the philosophy of “Self existence values” and to guarantee the responsibility for our own products. We expect to provide each partner with our maximum efforts and establish good interdependent relationships for a common goal for all to share and relish.

The sales market is divided as: Server, Industrial Computer, Optoelectronic Communication, and Vehicle PCB fields etc. Product surface processing methods include Au, Ag, Sn, and entek etc.